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The development, production and sales base: Wuhan HyPerBranched Polymers Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Hubei East Lake New Technology Development Zone of high-tech Avenue 999




R & D Center:

Contact: Dr. Zhang

QQ: 792840015

Phone: 027-67841788



Sales Center:

Miss. Luo  QQ: 2730758125;  Tel: 027-67843199; 13343421279

Mr. Gao   QQ: 2658569824;   Tel: 027-87398269; 13367268243

Miss. Liu   QQ: 2404103371;  Tel: 027-87398299; 13367249526

Mr. Song  QQ: 2779843614;  Tel: 027-87398299; 13343448219


Account Information:

Account Name: Wuhan HyPerBranched Polymers Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Account: 005021000200478

Bank: Hankou Bank Optics Valley Branch

Address: Hubei Province, East Lake New Technology Development Zone in Gaoxin Avenue 999

Tel: 027-87398299

Uniform Code of Social Credit 91420100303456638T (old heading: 420101303456638)